My guests by year

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Quinn McDonald on how to deal with your Inner Critic (creativity)


Kristen Toney Campbell´s tutorial for a recipe folder (arts and crafts)

Lindsay Drya Vanhose goes big on macro photography for journaling. (arts and crafts)

Liz Davidson shares a tutorial on how to make a frame box with scraps (arts and crafts)

Marja Lindstrom talks about her creative spaces past and present.

Quinn McDonald answers questions about her creative spaces and shows some new pieces. ( creative spaces, arts and crafts)

Sarah Keerie shares a tutorial on how to make a crafty pizza box (arts and crafts)

Susana Baisel handmakes her teen girl´s planner (arts and crafts)

Suzanne Sapsed makes a family portrait canvas (arts and crafts)

Tammy Doiel presents a handmade Thank You gift for teachers


Anne Butera guides you to make some awesome handbags (arts and crafts)

Cristina Svihalek writes a tutorial on how to make a wreath with corks (arts and crafts)

Deborah Nicholas gives you ideas for project with empty jars (arts and crafts)

Denthe makes magnets of her art pieces (arts and crafts)

Gigly Perez shares a tutorial for an embossed Christmas card

Lía Pichón Riviêre shows her decoupaged pieces (arts and crafts)

Sarah Keerie shows you how to make a gift box out of a 12x12 cardstock piece (arts and crafts)

Susana Baisel shows you how to make a fabric make up bag. (arts and crafts)

Toni Johnson knits mug hugs (arts and crafts)

Tracey Grundy guides you in a step by step tutorial to make a letter box for Santa out of a cereal box (atrs and crafts)

Vanina Cabai leads a charity project with altrered shoe trees (arts and crafts)


Brianne Boyd - Sweet Limes plays along with Chapter 8 of The Artist´s Way with her colourful dolls and watercolours (creativity / arts and crafts)

Carina Salvatore talks fondly of her work for Chapter 4 of The Artist´s Way. (arts and crafts)

Connie Hozvicka shows her creative space and works with Chapter 7 of The Artist´s Way (creative space, creativity, arts and crafts)

Deborah Nicholas works with the tasks of Chapter 6 of The Artist´s Way (creativity)

Jamie Ridler reflects on possibilities for CHapter 5 of The Artist´s Way (creativity)

Heather Froust opens the door to her magical girls portraits in Chapter 11 of The Artist´s Way (arts and crafts)

Katie Shanahan-Jones has a passion for ink and glitter that she shows for Chapter 3 of The Artist´s Way (arts and crafts)

Kathryn Costa goes deep into Chapter 6 of The Artist´s Way (creativity / arts and crafts)

Mónica Dominguez is a painter who shows her art statiion and answers a task in Chapter 8 of The Artist´s Way (creativity / arts and crafts)

Serena Lewis goes through the tasks of Chapter 10 of The Artist´s Way and shows her newest watercolours and sketches (creativity / arts and crafts)

Tammy Vitale shares her experience with chapter 10 of The Artists´s Way and shows her pieces (creativity / arts and crafts)

Tracey Jackson

Tracy Swartz checks in with Chapter 9 of The Artist´s Way and has a message for you with her wonderful gourds. (creativity / arts and crafts)

Victoria Pettella´s paintings open Chapter 1 of The Artist´s Way project (creativity / arts and crafts)

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