Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cyber Thursdays

Thursdays are long days for both kids at school. I have from 8am to 3pm (or 4pm, depending on car pool turns) to work / play /do housework / go places.

I spend a lot of time on line on Thursdays. Usually posting at sb sites or reading blogs. Today I´ll have a look at blogs but looking at them from a different point of view. Taking an idea here, a colour there and generally drawing inspiration on how to do (or how NOT to do) things.

I couldn´t go to sleep last night. Was it a sugar induced high? Meringue with milk jam as dessert for dinner may be wasn´t the best idea. Or a blog induced high? I reminded myself of Mac, from Foster Mansion when he drank a drop of drink with added sugar and he went around screaming. It was totally hilarious.

Adopt a Foster´s Friend now!

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