Friday, September 23, 2005

The White Rabbit

Before I was born a co-worker gave my mom two records as a gift for me. Please notice I said records. Not cds. Not even tapes. I said black, made of paste, 33RPM records. :D

One of them was La bella durmiente (The Sleeping Beauty) and the other Alice in Wonderland. I have often wondered why she chose those. And why would she give my mom a record with a children´s story in English?

Even though I stopped listening to those way before I understood enough English to understand the story I still remember the white rabbit´s song (How can I remember the words of a song I didn´t understand?).

Some days, like today I find myself humming it.

I´m late, I´m late,
for a very important date.
No time to say Hello Goodbye.
I´m late, I´m late, I´m LATE!

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