Saturday, October 15, 2005

Familie´s Day

There are quite a few divorced parents at the Kindergarten (I discovered today that A´s parents are divorced as well, I didn´t know. I had always seen both parents at all the meetings, chatting in a friendly way ) so instead of celebrating Father´s Day or Mother´s Day we have a Familie´s Day out.

Today we gathered at the "Club Alemán de Punta Chica", a lovely club.

The best part? WE WON!!!!!!! Yipppppeeeeee! Our class won the Family Games. We can say we left the Kindergarten with the victory on our side. ;) As I told one of the teachers, we gave our best and we were the nosiest. We knew all the kids names and we were not afraid to cheer at the top of our voices, lol.

Dh took a pic of all the moms for the teacher´s album. For the first time I really wished I had a digi camera ( A Canon Rebel XT, to be precise ) I would have taken so many pics of the cute kids running around.

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