Monday, October 03, 2005

First communion

After two years of classes every Friday at 4pm, children´s mass every other Sunday and a lot of running to get the clothes: Matías had his First Communion ceremony.

I was right not to wear eye make up. Listening to the kids sing got me all misty eyed. Ok, I admit it, I shed a tear ot two or maybe a dozen.

My favourite:
(oh, where did I put it? Going to add it later)

I took several pics but not as many as I thought I would. It was not permited to take pics during the ceremony so I took pics outside. The kids had their solemn faces as much as they could and then they´d suddenly burst in a happy grin.

31 persons and one dog at the party. Mati got a lot of presents, which he politely thanked (I was so proud of him) and then we both got a surprise when people gave him money afterwars when he gave them the souvenir cards. In the old days there were no presents and family gave the child money to put in a little basket that they carried. Nowadays the baskets are no longer used and ds didn´t expect the money after the clothes/books he got. He´s planning to buy a gameboy.


Jo said...

Doesn't he look smart Paula! You must be so proud of him.

Jo x

Paula said...

Thanks! He is a good boy (even if he is naughty from time to time ;) )

Missy said...

Wow Paula, Matias is so much bigger than when I meet him. What a handsome young man he is turning into....I get you are very proud. I am so glad to see that your blog is in English..



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