Monday, November 28, 2005

Change of plans

For some unknown reason, all our plans have been changing all weekend.

Ds remember at the last possible moment that he had a birthday party to go to on Saturday. It was at the Club Alemán (German Club) with bikes so dh rode with him and went to pick him up afterwards.
We watched some movies until the sun went down and then watered the plants ... and the kids too! :D

On Sunday my cousin Pablo run a marathon so dh rode alone and ended up in Pilar, at his brother´s home. He phoned from there to tell me to be ready at noon and that his parents would pick us up to go there, instead of going to my in laws as usual. The kids enjoyed the swimming pool all the afternoon.

Today dd stayed home as she has a bit of pink eye. She´s been coming and going with me running errands. I got my car washed as we are going to the shopping mall with a couple of other moms after school, ... if plans don´t change! ;)

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