Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The season has started

Dad was a great shrink, he got the tough cases other shrinks couldn´t handle. He taught me a lot about human psychology. As my mom is an anthropoligist, Man and his circumstances was a very regular subject of conversation at home.

One of the things dad taught me was that the holiday season was a crazy one. He´d plan our summer holidays during the Christmas season. One day he´d say "XWZ went beserk, add another two days in Paris" :D Another "Got a phone call this morning, we may stay another day to visit Bath". There was plenty of work in December.

Now the season has started this year. Problems pop up at different sites and blogs.

I got an e-mail from Kim (Croppers Cottage) calling me selfish, childish and accussing me of backstabbing because I am leaving the board and not posting my features any more. Fortunately I saved all our commmunications and could quote myself to prove I had told her that I was leaving. *Sigh* Shocking I tell you. Not even going into the rest of the mail.

Another problem at UKS. Some girls got posting some of the most hilarious threads I´d ever read, but the threads got locked (I was lucky enough to read them before they were deleted) and the girls banned. Some others have decided that they are not posting for a week either.
It seem some members got upset because they thought it was a joke about one other member. It´s not fair that this girl is staying and the others have to go. I know she is not an innocent victim, as I have read some rude posts from her directed to others.

And so I keep finding cyber problems plus the melting temperatures are not helping on the home front either. Fortunately not my family, but the general atmosphere on the streets is getting hotter.

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