Saturday, January 21, 2006

Honey, I´m home!

Three weeks, one at the beach and another two at the lake with family.
300 pics taken (plus 178 by dh).
Four books read.
Many art journal entries and cut and paste projects.
Over 6000 kilometres.
A lot of campfires.
More than our fair share of clouds.
A box full of pretty stones.
Silver Welsh dragon ear rings.
A lake that looks like a pool of mineral water, transparent and fresh.
Woods to explore.
A gazillion sand castles and tunnels.
International friendships, talked in English, German and Italian. And no, I don´t speak Italian but there was a little girl that tought us many words (my kids are like magnets, you´ll always see other kids drawn to them :D ).
And no Internet access!


Jo said...

Welcome back Paula!!!!! Sounds like you had fun. x

Paula said...

Thanks Jo! We had a great time. It´s good t be back home too. :)

Susan Wright said...

Welcome back Paula.


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