Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rosario made me feel patriotic again

I´ve always considered myself a world citizen. I say this in a Star Trek sense: I am an Earthling, a creature of this planet. As in "Hey, dude! We all live on this unique planet. We should share it and protect it all together."

My upbringing was cosmopolitan. I felt equally comfortable in Torrance (CA, USA), Moscow (Russia), John O´Groats (Scotland), Puerto Deseado (Santa Cruz, Argentina) and anywhere in between. The Argentinian identity was always there in the background.

This weekend my national identity has come to the forefront. It was so moving to stand there, right where my flag was saluted for the first time. The monument is impressive, the location is perfect and all the elements mix beautifully. The quotes on the sides make you want to wear your colours every day. The views from the top (70 metres) are not to be missed. If you come walking along Córdoba (and the pedestrian street will deserve an entry on its own), you end up in a beautiful square then you go between the church and the Culture building and you find yourself at the beggining of a long explanade. You walk between fountains with sculptures depicting scenes from 1812 and you see the tomb of the unknown soldier with its eternal flame. You can read the first line of our National Anthem: Oid mortales el grito sagrado: libertad, libertad, libertad. (Mortals, listen to the sacred cry: freedom, freedom, freedom). From there you can see the river and the monument itself.

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