Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Been tagged by Jo

What scrapbooking lines/products/etc do you dislike?
I´m all over the place. From cutesy to funky and anything in between. I´m easily amused. I can´t choose a line I don´t like.

What is the hardest thing you have ever had to scrap?
A pic of my father. I wanted it to be so special. I finally did it at UKS Crop with Clare´s class.

What technique do you use more than anything?
Put glue on the back, slap in place, scribble something.

Ever been published?
Once in SI at the Readers Gallery. Thanks to Rachel and Diz who sent me the first issue that came with patterned papers.
Does "almost" count? I received an e-mail from Cheryl saying the pages were nice but they wouldn´t be in the UK in time for the photographs. *Sigh*

What's the smallest scrap of paper you save?
The size of my tiniest punch. Which is a tiny flower. Really tiny. :D

Ever had any scrapbooking-related injuries?
Not that I can remember.

Finish the sentence "If I wasn't a scrapbooker, I would spend my money on....."
A shrink.

Give us your best storage or organizational idea
Flower pots for brushes and pencils. Not great but cute.

You just won a week long scrapbooking cruise for 5. Who's going with you?
Ching, Wendy, Missy and Torey.

After you've answered the questions, tag your scrapbook buddies
Oh!!! Will have to have a look-see who hasn't done this one!!



Susan Wright said...

Thanks Paula. You are the first one to include me in this fun game. It was sweet of you to think of me.

Missy said...

Wooo Hoo......I'm all for going on that cruise with you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hee hee. Thanks paula!!! :)

Paula said...

Good to see you girls! :D
Missy, we´ll go on that cruise and then we need to plan another trip with Wendy,as I discovered she does not like water. :)


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