Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My new monitor

For the past few weeks my monitor had been sepia most of the time. Not totally broken but on its way to be so.

For Valentine´s day dh bought me a new 17" LCD Philips new one. Not a real V present, because we don´t "do" Valentines here but he wanted me to remember the date. :)

The black and silver thing by the monitor is my mate. Drinking mate is like drinking tea but instead of using a little bit of tea leaves and lots of water, you use lots of tea and a little water at a time. The metal straw is what you use to drink it. It has little holes at the bottom.

My mate is made out of a kind of pumpkin (died black on the exterior) and engraved metal. There are real pieces of art made of silver for more formal settings.

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