Friday, March 03, 2006

1° Grado / Year 1

10.00 am
Daniel, Tatiana and myself were at the school´s gate.

She looks so tiny in front of the "big school" as she calls it.

The building behind her is the Primary School building. On the right of the picture, the low building is the pool and the terrace is the playground. The building on the left of the pic is the administrative stuff and the theatre. You can´t see the little park, farther on the right and the basketball court farther left. Plus the Secondary School building, in front of the Primary one.

Talking about the theatre. The first graders had a little surprise, a puppet show for them.

Then each kid was called by name by their teachers (there are three classes). Tati has Vanina as her Spanish teacher and Cristina for German. They went upstairs to their classrooms and were given their cornucopia (horn of plenty) with sweets and trinkets to begin the classes. Fortunately parents were allowed to come in then to take pics. :D Tati was not that happy to be sitting with three unknown girls but she put a brave face.


becky said...

she is such a sweetie!! i think i want to do a cornucopia for the first day with my kiddos at school!

Jen said...

Oh isn't that what they do in Germany? What's the link with Germany then (I'm ignorant!). In French, the kids call Primary School the Grande Ecole too (Big School), which they "go up to" from La Maternelle. Bless her! She looks so tiny :)

Paula said...

Thanks Becky! :)

Jen, the kids go to an Argentinian/German school. It´s bilingual and they follow both the local traditions and the German ones.


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