Friday, March 31, 2006

A first

After much deliberating and a knot in my tummy I took the plunge.

Many of you have done it for years but this is a first for me: I cut a tiny strip out of a fresh page of patterned paper!

I had the paperbag kit from Kimmy´s site. (want to see what she´s got in store? click here: ) It´s a way I can afford to have the newest things within my limited budget.

My original plan for this page was some shades of blue (my usual style) but this 3Bugs in a Rug paper had the blue plus the green and red from the background and it took me along a different path. So I shuffled the pics around and ended up with the general scheme of things and had this tiny strip of background paper that looked okeish. What if I added another one of the 3 bugs paper there? Eeeeeerrrr, mmmmmm, that would mean cutting a totally usable background paper. What to do? What to do? For once I did what the big girls do and cut a new paper and put it there.

Added afew bits here and there and some acrylic paint around.

Here it is, something totally different from what I usually do and yet so mine at the same time.- :D


christina said...

well i love it and thought you did a wonderful job :)

becky said...

what a beautiful layout!! you did a great job :)

wendy said...

oooh. Its beautiful!!! AND I am very proud of you! I still cringe when I do the strip thing. It does make one sheet go a very long way, though...

Great job!!! -wendy

Paula said...

Thanks girls!
That´s an interesting point of view Wendy, making the page go longer. I guess you´ll see lots of scraps of that same pattern in my Layouts. :D

Missy said...

What a fantastic page were very brave and the results sure payed off. GREAT page.

You inspired me to break out my 3 bugs paper and give it a whirl!!!


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