Friday, April 07, 2006

Writer #6: Pío Baroja

The Spanish novelist and essayist Pío Baroja y Nessi (1872-1956) ranks as one of the major writers of Spain's Generation of 1898. His many works consistently reveal harsh criticism of his country and a pessimistic view of life.

Baroja wrote his best novels between 1902 and 1912; among them are Camino de perfeccíon (1902; Road to Perfection), La busca, Mala hierba, and Aurora roja (1904; The Search, Weeds, and Red Dawn), La feria de los discretos (1905), Paradox rey (1906; king Paradox), and El arbol de la ciencia (1911; The Tree of Knowledge). He also wrote about a dozen volumes of essays, of which the autobiographical Juventud, egolatría (1917; Youth, Egotism) is the best known.

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No Layout for Señor Baroja, but I added a blue Post it to my book to remember to read one of his books. What I read in the web about his writings interested me. Off I go, to explore. :)

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