Friday, May 19, 2006

Tagged by Wendy

I asked Wendy twice in case she meant another Paula. *blushing*

Seven things to do before I die: 1. Get my scrapbooks up to date. 2. Read as much as I can. 3. Go back to the UK 4. Find my way and embrace it. 5. Spoil my grandchildren. 6. Learn to knit. 7. Write an article for a magazine .

Seven things I cannot do: 1. Control my obsessive tendencies (I´ll borrow this one from Wendy). 2. Not cry when I´m really angry. 3. Say when I´m upset, instead of bottling it down and explode with fireworks after a long time . 4. ride a bike. 5. Say "no" when people are relying on me . 6. sing. 7. understand science.

Seven things that attract me to my husband: 1. his gentleman attitude. 2. the way he walks. 3. his kindness. 4. his hands. (get your minds off the gutter girls! ) 5. his interest in people and things 6. his speed to make up his mind and take action. 7. his capacity to dream and make the dream come true.

Seven books that I love: 1. An old fashioned girl (Louisa Alcoot). 2. Foucaulst´s Pendulum (Umberto Eco). 3. Around the day in 80 worlds (Cortazar). 4. The fantastic four (Agatha Christie, very disappointed when she said it was her least favourite book of hers). 5. A bridge to infinity (Richard Bach) 6. The bonesetter daughter (Amy Tan). 7. Chronicles of the grey Angel (Alejandro Dolina) . Ecclectic? Me? Roflol. :D

Seven things that I say: 1. Good morning Chumbi Lungi Lumbi Lung! 2. What part of "..." didn´t you understand?. 3. I´m not an octopus darling. 4. Yeah right. 6. No problem. 7. Heeeeeeeeeey good to see you!

Seven movies I've loved: 1. Star Wars. 2. Men in black. 3. The Thomas Crown Affaire. 4. Barbie´s The princess and the pauper. 5. Flashdance. 6. Footloose. 7. Pirates of the Caribbean.

Seven blogs I'm gonna tag: Mrs. Wright, Rita, Wanda, Clare, Jaffne, Jen and Jo.


Jen said...

Ok then! Thanks for tagging me - your list is cool :)

wendy said...

THANKS FOR PLAYING!! I loved learning about you!!

Anonymous said...

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