Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In my shoes #5


Mercury vs. chips (not the edible type) debate.

I have this little thingie: an electronic thermometer. It makes a funny noise when it´s ready to show the temperature which the kids love ( not like the old fashioned thermometer that had ds screaming "NOoooOOOoooooOOooooOOooOoooooo! The fever stick no!" when he was 2). Yesterday it said said ds was at 37.5C.

Nope, I said, my hands tell me otherwise. This kid is running a fever.

My techno dh looked at me in disbelief but agreed to try again any way. 38.4C. *Insert smug look here*

Do you have a thermometer at home? Which kind? Do you trust it?


Marja said...

We have a battery one (chip I guess?) and the battery has been dead for about 2 years now! I like the mercury ones better but when I was buying this thermometer it was the only one the shop carried!

wendyc said...

see, mommy's know best. I hope he's feeling better!!

I have 2. One looks like that. The other one looks like that but is stubbier (shorter "stick" part, KWIM?). I had to use that one when they were younger.

K3 said...

Lol, I need to get my eyes tested - I thought it was a pregnancy test! I had a mercury one (or three) but every time I dropped one - and I dropped them A LOT - it wouldn't work. So, now we've got a digital one. It seems pretty accurate - do you have to adjust the reading on yours based on where you've 'put' the thermometer to get a reading?


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