Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bonus Writer # 4: Richard Bach

From BookRags:
Richard Bach, a pilot and aviation writer, achieved success as a new age author with the publication of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Bach's simple allegory with spiritual and philosophical overtones received little critical recognition but captured the mood of the 1970s.

A direct descendant of Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard David Bach was born in Oak Park, Illinois, to Roland Bach, a former United States Army Chaplain, and Ruth (Shaw) Bach. While attending Long Beach State College in California, he took flying lessons, igniting his lifelong passion for aviation. From 1956-1959 he served in the United States Air Force and earned his pilot wings. In the 1960s he directed the Antique Airplane Association and also worked as a charter pilot, flight instructor, and barnstormer in the Midwest. During this period, he worked as a free-lance writer, selling articles to Flying, Soaring, Air Facts, and other magazines. He also wrote three books about flying which were Stranger to the Ground (1963), Biplane (1966), and Nothing by Chance (1969)

I read a lot of his books in 1986. They were so "new" to me! I never realized till today that the had been written before my birth. (Wish Blogger had a rolleyes icon ;) )
I was totally surprised when I opened my Bach books again ... the pages were yellow! I hadn´t opened those books in about 10 years. And the things that sounded so deep and meaningful then ... you guessed.

PS: I added the page for my writer´s album. Design by Jane Dean (U.K).

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