Monday, August 14, 2006

Cyber crop weekend

Managed to finish 4 pages, yay! :)

This design is by Karen aka K3.

It´s a Summer 1959 picture of my mom (on the right) and one of her sisters (my godmother).

K3´s design included little jewels on the letter M from summer. I put them on the letter R of verano, beacuse it is not really an R but a P! Lol!

Hers had handstitching and I cheted with my machine. *blush* but on the other hand I cut and inked 14 1"x1" squares intead of using a squares patterned paper. ;)

This design is by Debbie aka Debbie70 / Daisy. The ric rac moved in the scanner and it´s driving me crazy. Might scan it again later. :D

The title is Let´s go out for lunch. "Out" being our back garden, lol!


Missy said...

WOW, great work on the pages Paula. I love the colors.

K3 said...

Lovely pages Paula, love the way you disguised the 'r' lol. And, yes, you definitely made up for your lack of hand stitching by cutting all those squares :)


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