Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In my shoes #5: a collectors family

This page is made with papers and borders from a wall paper catalog. Whose catalog? Dd´s! :D She is a paper collector like me.

I asked dh for the new camera´s tag with the pretty silver thread. Ds had bet me to it! Another collector of stray objects. :D He was very generous and handed it to me. It was painted in two colours and I added the title with the dymo.

I cut some flowers from a composé boder and glued them with pop dots to the original border.


becky said...

AWESOME layout!!!

Missy said...

Beautiful page Paula. Your son is a very handsome boy.

K3 said...

Cool page Paula, I think need to make a trip to a DIY shop :)

Paula said...

Thanks girls! :)

Susan Wright said...

Your son is sure growing up. Love the layout.


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