Monday, August 21, 2006

Ray McQueen is home!

Some days ago I was complaining about McDonalds not making enough Ray McQueen toys. I had carefully planned all the winter holidays outings with family so the kids could have the entire collection (going out with us one week, then with the godparents and the grandparents ;) ) but the Ray McQueen car sold out too soon!

My sweet friend Sue, aka Sue Baru, aka ELCgirl offered to buy one on her way to work as the collection was in the UK at that moment. She sent it as a RAK for my kids (and me! ;D ).

Here´s ds playing today.
Thanks Sue!


Missy said...

I have no idea what those toys are, but it sure looks like DS his having fun with them.

Paula said...

The movie "Cars" is EVERYWHERE here (ask Wendy, she had a Cars birthday for C). McDonalds was giving the toy cars with the Happy Meals.

In the UK you can buy the toy without the meal. You can´t do that here. :(

Ds is certainly the star of the class having a british Ray, which in fact was made in China and exactly the same as the one given here ;) but none had a car who had traveled that long way. :D


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