Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Four jobs I have had in my life.

1. Librarian at the journalists library for Clarín (one of the 2 main newspapers in my country). Everything was go, go, go, we need it nnnnoooooowwww!
2. Librarian at the Chester City Record office, working with XVII century documents.
3. Teaching Year 1 English.
4. Personal assistant for dh. :D

Four movies I watch again and again:

1. MIB
2. Barbie´s The princess and the pauper.
3. The Thomas Crown affair.
4. Bionicle
PS: yes, I have agirl and a boy at home. ;)

Four Places I have lived:

1. Buenos Aires
2. Chester
That´s it for now. :)

Four TV shows I love to wach:

1. CSI
2. Law and Order: criminal intent. Only the ones with D´Onofrio ;)
3. The Gillmore girls
4. Mythbusters

Four places I've been on vacation:

1. Patagonia (Puerto Madryn and Trvelin are my favourite places)
2. Viena
3. Seychelles
4. California

Four Web sites I visit regularly:

1. UKS
2. The Pad
3. Blogs
4. Yahoo Games. :D

Four of my favourite foods:

1. Pizza
2. BBQ chicken
3. Pasta
4. Quarter pounder with cheese

Four Places I'd rather be right now:

1. At Wendy´s crop (but it must be over by now *sigh*)
2. By the fire (I´ll go as soon as I finish this ;) )
3. At a scrap book shop
4. ?

Four things that make me smile:

1. Hearing ds and dd playing/chatting.
2. getting mail
3. being invited to chat on MSN
4. I´m not telling. Roflol! (Bet that made YOU smile! :D )

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Heather said...

Cool - another Gilmore Girls fan. :)


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