Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fact # 72, 73, 74 & 75: My music

Remember my "101 Things about me" album?

The one that true to my style, started by fact # 97 and then never got updated? :D

Well, Jakey issued a challenge on her blog. Every Sunday there will be a music related inspiration dare.

First one is about music in general. Great chance to get the "my music" facts going. Thanks Jakey!

Fact # 72: the radio is always on wherever I am.
Fact # 73: my favourite music group is The Beatles.
Fact # 74: I have all their LPs
Fact # 75: And many books and magazines aabout them.

Background paper KI Memories. Big pic of me in Liverpool, we went on August 30th 1993 for the great Beatles celebration. Did the bus tour and visited all the Beatles spots. A dream come true for me.


Jakey said...

Oh Paula - This is fab!! My whole family are from Liverpool, and like you , I love the Beatles too!

So glad I helped you get going with your music page! Lol!

love jakey xx

Annette said...

Love it Paula. It's gorgeous xx

MJ said...

Love the LO Paula and of course the Beatles rule along with Elvis of course LOL

MJ xx


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