Monday, September 18, 2006

On lost kitties and love messages

Our Sunday afternoon adventure: a kitty got into in laws shed. We kept Bonita, their dog, in the washing room, and Frida, ours, in another shed. Fil and ds got the baby kitty out of the shed and put him, already graced with the name of "Muni" on the roof.

My mil got him some milk and after a while they were all great friends, except for the dogs who were still imprisioned. ;) Muni got to play on the garden table and paraded by both kids. Yes, you are right, the pleas to keep the kitty were plentiful. We agreed that it was a street cat, so he couldn´t be put in a cage and that he was that neighbourhood cat so he couldn´t be taken to ours (in case he could find his family again). That was 2 of the kids arguments out of the way.

By now we had put Muni back on the roof and released the dogs. According to her personality, Bonita sat as a statue and proceeded to watch the cat in case he decided to step down from the roof and followed him slowly from side to side when he moved. On the other hand Frida was like something out of the movie Matrix, literally walking up the walls. Jackie Chan would hire her in a heartbeat. Lol!

Last time we saw Muni he was still on the roof by his plate of milk. :)

Fast forward to this morning: I went to the gym and this is what I found when I came back, a message on the screen and mate and biscuits ready for me.

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