Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Chatterbox pages

"indian girl" Based on "Pout" by Karen (Scrapdolly): here in her gallery

Chatterbox papers, flowers, jewels and alpha stickers: Villa kit.

Chatterbox corners: Guest Room kit.

The "stray" pink corner points at dd in middle of all the other little indians meeting Columbus and his crew. Therefore the little jewels at the bottom too.

"Columbus started his journey at all cost." (Spanish word game really: a toda costa means at all costs but also refers to the coast of the sea) is based on sketch #2 at Pencil Lines. I used the three strips on the right and the title (I put it on the other side to read it better). One big pic on the left and changed the small pic on the right for two normal size ones.

Chatterbox Villa kit for papers and corners. Again the stary corner points at dd in middle of the whole Year 1 B (sitting) and Year 3 A (standing) lot.

Flowers cut from paper and on pop dots.

Which was really funny as Missy was doing the same at the same time. Link to her blog on the side column. :)

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