Thursday, October 05, 2006

We got a stand at Fematec!

Run, run, run. Opening on October 3rd at 2pm.

On October 2nd we discovered that one of our walls was 12" shorter than it should have been by the blueprint measurements. Panic, panic. The hight of one panel was wrong too. More running around holding heads. There was a space with wires showing that couldn´t be panelled by fire brigade regulations. By then we had lost the heads we were holding! ;)

Mad dash to remake 6 of the curtains for the show and make an extra one for the gap. By 1.50pm they were still putting those things up!

At 2.10pm with the first visitors arriving the stand was finished. Whew!

Here is the English version of the Fematec Fair´s website. Have a look and render their statistic guys crazy wondering why on Earth people from all over the world are visiting a local building fair. Lol!

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