Sunday, November 19, 2006

Art Everyday Month - Days #15 -18

15 & 16 were spent stitching.

On day 17 I wanted something different so we tried edible art. Another example of the synchronicity mentioned at Kat´s paws blog. She was working with the concept of the ocean and brain. We, and I say we because my two little artists helped me, worked with the ocean too. We made blue jelly and put some jelly sharks in it. Unfortunately there is no graphic evidence of our experiment as it didn´t go as expected. (you may read that as "it went terribly wrong and never really got to jelly consistence ;) )

Where did the brain got into the equation? Well, they wanted to use their brain jelly shape. :D

I´m afraid day #18 has no piece to offer either. *blush*


Anonymous said...

You could always have lied and said you ATE the evidence! Lol!

jk x

Leah said...

oo, and you had the synchronicity on day 17! perfect! :-)

don't worry about not getting it done everyday, just do what you can!

K3 said...

Pmsl, so does that mean you had to DRINK the jely then???


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