Sunday, November 26, 2006

Art Everyday Month - Days #24-26

This is what I have been doing these past three days: 22 projects. Whew!

Friday to Sunday I participated at the UKScrappers cyber crop. I finished all 13 classes and 9 challenges.

Saturday was spent mostly at the Scrap Pad. It was the "Happy First Birthday" cyber crop.

How did I manage with both you ask? I used the Pad´s sketches to complete UKS´s challenges with the concept / materials asked for. I also completed a Pencil Line´s challenge along the way. That´s me, multitasking again, lol!

I´ll be uploading some projects a day from tomorrow. :)


MJ said...

OMG you have been busy girl. All looks gorgeous though.

MJ xx

Jake said...

C'mon then!! Let's see all this fabby work! :-)

jake said...

gosh! you've been a busy bee!


K3 said...

Go you, you put me to shame. I did nothing!!

Paula said...

Brilliant stuff, Paula.
My art a day went perashaped after I got asked to do things I can't publish on my blog!!!
People wanting cards for infuential folks but can't splatter their photos on the web!!! Family stuff I can't post or will ruin the xmas suprise, etc.....

Marja said...

Holy smokes you got a TON done!!! I did nothing at all.


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