Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A visit to Santa

At 10am as soon

as the Unicenter shopping mall doors opened we were skipping and hopping along the corridors towards Santa´s Grotto. It is placed at a different spot this year, so many were wandering around to find it while we made a bee line.

Mati has a "ok, one more year I endure this staff" look and Tati has her "picture smile".

P.S: Missy I thought of you when I chose dd´s dress for today. I know you love the sleeveless Christmas pictures. :D


Marja said...

What a fab family photo! I hope the kids will pose next year just for the sake of a cool pic!

K3 said...

Hehe cute pic. Mati is an angel for playing along :)

Anonymous said...

oooooohhhh YES, I love looking at your family Christmas photo more than any other. Just LOVE the short sleeve look. What a fantastic picture Paula, as always your family looks beautiful. Have a very Merry Christmas.


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