Saturday, January 27, 2007

I´m back!

Just back from a month in the Patagonia. Loads of penguin pics to follow. Now don´t you all go waving your arms in the air and running away! :D

I updated my "so many weeks till me birthday" quizzes. Have fun trying them out. :)


Rona said...

Lovely to "see" you back Paula - can't wait to see the pics!

Karen said...

*help* not MORE penguin pics. Lol. ;) I can't believe your birthday is almost finally here too. :)

Oh, and I tagged you. :P

jake said...

Hello Paula!!!

It's so nice to see you back hon! I had no idea you'd gone on holiday and kept popping in looking for you :-)

Be lovely to see you photos!

jk xx

wendy said...

What a gorgeous new header thingie!!!! Welcome back! Can't wait to see your pix!


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