Sunday, February 04, 2007

Finding water

Some time ago Ali Edwards mentioned this book by Julie Cameron. Has anybody read it? It´s about creativity. Any opinions on it?

There is a new book by her called "Finding water" on starting new projects and keep going. :)

Being a week away from the big 4 - 0 the "start new things" has been on my mind a lot! :lol:

A couple of girls have set the Finding water blog as a project to follow that book starting on Feb 17th.

I followed Leah´s blog with the ART EVERYDAY MONTH project back in November. She is a fab young artist. Her paintings are elegant, creative and very much my style.

I hope I can follow this project, even if I don´t actually have the book. :)


Paula said...

Hey Paula,good to see you back!
I am doing the Art Journal cards over on UKS following prompts from Emily Falconbridge. It is fun & they are very quick to do.
you end up with 52 at the end of the year & they can easily be done in 20 minutes. We are only up to week 5 so you have time to dip in.
I'm trying to do as many challenges as poss but other things do get in the way.
40 is getting here quick for you, any plans?

Leah said...

almost at the big 4-0! thanks for the kind words! i bet you could find a copy at the library to follow along with if you couldn't get the book (or perhaps it could be a b-day gift from someone?) ;-)


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