Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I wanna be a redhead

and my family won´t let me!

Dd started sobbing and said she would "ink" her hair too. And I know she is very literal. :D

Ds said "I don´t want to have a red head mother".

Dh looked at me as if trying to see if I was joking or not before expressing an opinion. "Maybe some highlights" he suggested.

I know I could be a redhead this afternoon but I don´t want to come back home to wrinkled noses and a dd with ink on her hair. So I made a layout instead.

Have you ever changed your look radically?


Tracey said...

Love the lo Paula, was that the exact shade of red you were thinking of for your own barnett?
No wonder everyone was horrified and yes I have done drastic (also known as stupid) things like dying it blonde - big mistake for someone as dark as me, looked like a giant marshmallow was sat on my head, mum took a photo just to make sure I never did it again lol

Karen said...

Haha, love the LO. I'm nver brave enough to do anything drastic to my hair. I used to dye it lighter brown when I was younger (although it always turned out slightly ginger for some reason lol) but I wouldn't dare do anything now. I had some lowlights a little while back but the red didn't suit me boo hoo.

Marja said...

LOL Love the concept of getting your hair inked! Let's see... the worst I have done is sprayed sun-in into my hair while in Hawaii for a week. What the bottle doesn't say is that it doesn't rinse out in one wash so after a full week in the sun my dark brown hair was rusty red. I looked awful and no amount of hair dye would stay in my hair so I had two tone hair until it all grew out. Being half Japanese, the reddish hair was NOT a good look for me!

Missy said...

Hey Paula....Oh my your birthday is almost here. I have been reading your X weeks until I'm 40 for the last year and soo it will be here. Woo Hoo.

When I was in high school I colored my hair blond and cut it like Cyndi Lauper....but after that grew out I haven't done anything radical....a few highlights but nothing crazy.

I can't wait to see your new do.

jake said...

I have... many times ;-)

Love your lil red-head Lol! Go on girlie... go for it!


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