Sunday, March 18, 2007

Check point: week 4

1. Yay for me! I wrote three pages EVERY day. Usually waffling about the daily chores and how the obligations suffocate me. Even so I do every bit on my "to do" list for everybody.

2. The artist dates are really a minute here, a minute there. Had a good look at a bazar and bought a grater. So many pretty things there. *girly giggle*

3. Too busy running around to notice the synchronicities this week.

4. Other stuff: Soooooo happy week 4 is over. As I´m doing The artist´s way week 4 meant NO READING!

Ug, ergh, bleurghj, eeeeeek, spit, choke. *rolleyes*

I must admit it was a very productive week in the everyday stuff aspect. I got a ton done, but no crafting. Only three pages in the first twenty four hours because I was trying the theory out. That was it.

I´m afraid I´m doing something wrong or not enough work as I was supposed to be creating right, left and center by now. *sigh*

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