Sunday, March 25, 2007

Check Point: week 5

For the first time since the Finding water project started I skipped a day for my daily pages.

J. Cameron says that we skip the daily pages when something is about to emerge. I didn´t write about our latest news. I didn´t share our bad news week on line, as three strangers´ (for the on line community) deaths are difficult to handle. Or maybe it´s me the one who is having difficulties handling them. One from my past, one from my present, one from my future. Three pieces of my life who are no more.

There. I´ve said it. Sorry girls, to bring the tone down.

I´ve lost sight of the process and my new art is nowhere to be seen.

I´ve been catching up with my blog feeds for the finding water girls and suddenly noticed (because of a post on one of them) that I was reading but not commenting. I was on the outside looking in, I´ll start the comments round now. :)

No syncs this week, or maybe there were and I didn´t notice them! *puzzled look*

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