Thursday, March 01, 2007

First day of school

Each year school starts on March 1st (Monday to Friday).

Ds is in Year 6. The last of primary school!

Dd is in Year 2.

Ds, as he was leaving f or school: "It´s a bit strange ... but I´m happy"

Lol! He was trying to follow the traditional pre teen speech "Oh, no! Not to school again" but deep inside he was happy to see his friends on a daily basis again. :)


Rita said...

How adorable they are! They're getting so big Paula!

jake said...

LOVE those school bags! We'd never be allowed them.... health and safety Lol!

jk x

Missy said...

Oh Paula what a precious picture they both look so grown up. Your DS looks like he has grown 2 fet since I meet him at Chings crop.

Karen said...

Lovely photo Paula - they're looking so grown up! How big are those school bags though! *shock horror*

Marja said...

They are so cute!!! I think you took a similar picture last year too so soon you can do a LO of "first day at school" pics! Their school bags are huge though! Looks like they are going on holiday rather than to school!


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