Sunday, April 22, 2007

33° International Book Fair

We visited the 33° International Book Fair (sorry, the site is only in Spanish this year) yesterday. We walked for 5 hours to see it all, and that was skipping the stands we were not interested in! Think a 45000m2 space. :D

There are over 1700 events planned. Conferences, book signings, debates, radio (there are threee local radios that have a temporary studio there), interviews... Amazing. Buenos Aires has so much to offer in terms of literature, music, paintings, sculptures, art in any form really.

I got an art book for kids. Colourful, playful, telling you to make a MESS with it. Just what I needed, lol!

I also got The artist´s way in action, even though it talks about being creative in the work life. I think there might be a word or two that could be useful. I admit I didn´t think The artist´s way would have any impact in my life and it did. In the way I start things but mainly that I ACTUALLY start things! Lol!

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