Thursday, April 05, 2007


#1 I needed some legal papers done. I went to the copy shop to get the copies of the contracts to begin the process. I asked the assistant if they had certified copies.
"You need a ... (sorry, can´t remember the legal term in English, not a lawyer but someone who has a degree to certify stuff)", said the girl at my side.
"Do you know a ... in the area?", I asked assuming she was from the neighbourhood if she was getting her copies done there.
"Yes, I work for one. The building on the other side of the street. First floor.".
Aha! I¨m on my way then! :D

#2 Marja asked me if her parcel had arrived. It usually takes a week but with the rains and floods, it made sense if it took 2. Where Oh Where was the parcel?
At my door when I arrived from work today! :D

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