Sunday, June 24, 2007

A loooooong story and a sync

Better grab a cuppa, this is going to take long, lol!

In my Cropper´s Cottage days I used to post my layouts under the nick of Happysnappy (sounds familiar? ;) ) except from the layouts I lifted from members there. Those I posted under the nick of The Scraplifter.

Petunia (the name was first suggested by Amee Lou. Oh, the fun we had back then! ) soon took life of her own.

I always imagined Petunia as a Southern Belle, a true Missy.

When I registered for Neopet to check it out before allowing the kids to wander around the site I went back to Petunia and thus Missy Lou was created.

The moment I did so I knew I had to have a Wendy Lou, cause you see Missy and Wendy are best friends.

On the first day of winter Wendy Lou was created. She is going to be my risk taker neopet.
Where´s the sync?, you ask. Well, on the first day of my risk taker Wendy she was assigned my first fairie search. The searches are assigned randomly. I had never had one in over six months.
I decide to go on a search (yes, I know I got all symbolic with winter/searches and such) and ... the journey begins.

As soon as Blogger decides to let me post a pic I´ll show you my new cyber friend.

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Tracey said...

OK you have me - I am totally baffled, it is late and I am tired but it might as well have been in Martian, whatever happened to Paula lol


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