Saturday, August 11, 2007

Children´s Day festivities

Just when I said I wasn´t able to add anything else to my schedule and that I would only keep the essentials I got two calls, one asking to help at dd´s class and another to help at ds´s class! You guessed, off I went to school to help. :D

On Thursday I helped decorating dd´s classroom. One thing I managed to do was to say that I don´t act, draw or blow (balloons, that is ;) ). I got in charge of the goodie bags (filling up and decorating) and made some letters from scraps.

On Friday we had a karaoke show for the Year 6 kids. They were shy for about half a song and then they totally got into the spirit, sang, danced and jumped around. Fortunately for me the hours for Year 6 show and Year 2 B show were not at the same time and I got to be there for both to take the "official" pictures (got permission from the headmistress). The moms from Year 2 were terrific, full costume and fun games for the kids. Pics later.


Tracey said...

lol girl you are going to have to learn to say NO lol xxx

So Sonya said...

Just found your blog, your work is AMAZING!!!


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