Monday, September 10, 2007

Paula, another piece of My sacred life

I got this doll for my first wedding anniversary.

Her name is Paula and was made by

Dh bought it at the corner right in front of the Cross in Chester in April 1994. A porcelain doll represented part of the British lifestyle, with the cross stitch, the thimbles and the castle souvenir books. *big dreamy grin*

There were many beautiful designs and I finally chose the one with my name and a box in her hand. She was so "me". :D


Deborah said...

I have a doll a little like that one that I got as a baby. Only, I don't really love mine but she's been around for so long that I can't get rid of her. Its a conundrum, really. Any chance your birthday is in February? (she has an amethyst...)

Paula said...

Yes, it is! :)


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