Friday, October 05, 2007

Pencil Lines #13, #45 & #52

To begin with, an oldie. Sketch #13. I´m on a vintage pictures roll, lol!

Didn´t my father look cute at 2? :)

The colours are so much richer irl. Any tips on photographing layouts? Please?
I also worked on my niece´s first communion pages. Sketch #52 (this week´s) for the church. Great subject to use more of the pretty flowers Marja sent me. Just as I chose the same church where my in laws were married and dh and his brother were baptized for my kids baptism, my cousin Pablo chose his parents church for his kids.
Santiago Apostol is a lovely church both outside and inside. The priest was a modern one, very upbeat.
Sketch #45 for the party. I used it for UKS´s weekly challenge too, including autumn colours, four of something (eyelets), stamp (title) and the Stop, look and listen title from a Disney list. The rets says: Smile, God loves you.


Edleen said...

beautiful layouts!

Ann(i)e said...

love all those layouts!!!!


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