Thursday, November 08, 2007

{Paula hangs head in shame}

Good thing: I started the Art every day in November project with my bells on. :)

Bad thing: the page I finished on the 1st was sooooooooooooooooo ugly I just couldn´t scrap any more for a few days. When I say ugly, I mean ugly as in my 2nd worst ever (there´s one from my first scrapping year where I mismatched so many things it´s unbelievable ;) ). No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Bad papers, bad pics, bad shapes, totally odd.

My sweet friend and teamie K3 couldn´t believe it was THAT ugly but it is!!! :D

Some pages I did after that:

Pencil Lines # 18. Cherry arte paper and monograms. Our story about dh phoning me right after our honeymoon asking "Do you want to move?"

True to my style a scraps page:

Another Cherry Arte piece. MM rub ons. Coordinating flowers and pearls from a shopping bag. *grin*


Leah said...

don't hang your head in shame!! this challenge is all about playing (ugly and beautiful, it's all allowed.) i think the ugly (whatever we consider ugly) is so important to the process of creating. it teaches us so much to make art that doesn't work out. (and often what we think is ugly, someone else will love!) i love all the pieces you've posted though! great work!

Wyanne said...

You shouldn't hang your head. It's funny sometimes I'll think that a painting or jewelry piece that I do is really bad. I'll put it away and come back to it later. When I do, I'm usually surprised to find that it wasn't that bad and I was just being too hard on myself. I think your work is really good. Keep that head up!

Karen said...

Lol, well I still don't believe it's ugly. :P


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