Thursday, January 31, 2008

Missed me?

Say yes! Lol!

Been on summer holiday for three weeks. We stayed at a log cabin in Trevelin, province of Chubut, Patagonia Argentina. We spent our days in the woods by the lakes, gathering rocks to examine or make castles, fortresses and dams, made wind mills with plastic bottles, a boat with things we found on the shore, a kite with leaves (that was dd´s idea and we copied it), read, sang and generally spent good family time. :)

To cyber visit the Patagonia check my other blog: 365, an experiment for pic of the day and mosaics with views. :) My profile on the right should take you there.



Nancy said...

well I have been wondering when you would be back blogging. Sounds like you had a great summer vacation. Hope to see some pictures soon.

Ginger Claire said...

Missed you lots. I was only over here the other day looking for you, so very glad to have you back. Will pop over and see your beautiful photos - how do I know, they always are.
BTW I've tagged you on my blog - I promise it's really quick and easy. Love ya xxx


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