Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Word for 2008

My first choice was: abundance.

Not asking for more than I have but gearing towards the feeling that there is enough to go around. All a matter of perspective.
E.g: there was this book everyone was raving about. The boards were full of it. The blogs were full of it. I cyber read as much as I could about it.
I bought it for our summer holidays. It was ok, but I was reading it ALONE. Everybody is onto the next big thing.

Why didn´t I buy it when everybody else did? Pure and simple guilt of buying something for me. What if that money was needed for something else for the kids? Or the bussiness?

That "enough to go around" thought led me to think about giving away stuff the kids didn´t use any more (small clothes, younger kids toys). And stuff I don´t use any more in general. I remembered then the school project to donate stuff to a very poor school in Santiago del Estero. That led me to find my true word for 2008: community. It´s time I give something back to my community: I will participate in the charity project to start with. Not only giving things but organizing and rallying people to participate too.

I will be more present in what I do for others. That is my goal for 2008.


PhotoJenique said...

That's great Paula. The Universe WILL provide and it's great karma to give away things you don't use any more. It's my new thing too, I've been privately working on self-improvement for years, and I am now looking to put use my knowledge to help others. You can check out my website if you are interested (after reading, if you are interested, email me back and I'll tell you the next step). Oh, and I don't get anything for this, so don't worry that I'm doing it for financial gain LOL

Take care and have a great weekend.

PhotoJenique said...

PS I meant "to use" don't know why I inserted "put" LOL


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