Thursday, June 26, 2008

The posts that weren´t

There was this post that had the "Boy toys / girl toys" title.

It had a pic of my kids toys and a reflection on how they play similar games (the town in circle, people at different jobs) with different toys ( Tati used fluffy pinky things for her littlest pets, Mati used soldiers).

Got around to taking th epics but never posted it.

There was this other post that had the "Call me ecclectic" title.

It had a pic of the 4 cds I have in my car:
*Abba (eighties pop with high pitch voices and big hairs)
*Beach boys (sixties rock n´roll)
*Crash Test Dummies (the kind of sad ballads you listen to when you feel soulfull)
*Tiziano Ferro ( an Italian sweetie)

You have noticed I didn´t post this either, haven´t you? ;)

There was this other post that had the "But" title. And me telling you how I used to underline the word BUT in my daily scribblings to be aware of the weight of the BUTS in my life.
But (I did it again! BUT I disgress :D ) I never got around to post it.

They were long, well thought, articulated (well, maybe I´m exxagerating abit here) posts "written" while I drove.

Now you know what I´ve been up to. :)

I´ll post some scapbook pages this weekend.

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