Tuesday, July 08, 2008

July week 1 - life

July 1st: new pjs for dh. :) Is that journaling worthy? Well, he´s kinda cute. ;) July 2nd: dd´s best friend´s birthday (friend far left, dd far right)

July 3rd: dd´s birthday. Party at the ball pit. A hundred pics, lol.
July 4th: dd´s gets another present. Pic still in cell phone. Sowwwyyyyy.
July 5th: dd´s birthday party at home. HSM theme.
July 6th: Sunday Mass at Santa Ana´s church.

July 7th: here the id booklets need to be updated when the kids turn 8 with their pic, finger print and signature. You have one year and one week to do so. We went last Monday but the Register was closed till the 4th! Tough luck, we spent 5 hours topday to get it done. Just in time!

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