Monday, August 18, 2008

Thanks Tracey! x 2

Thanks #1: for being such an inspiration! I know I can always go to Tracey´s blog and find the most gorgeous pages and cards.

I lifted one from Sue she had posted.
I posted my take.

It´s mega big, starting with a 12x12 cardstock folded in two.

Thanks #2: she gave me this cute award thingie. *blush*.

I feel the love, lol! :D

The rules of the game :

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog. {Going to take care of that right away,lol!}

2. Link the person you received your award from. {Tracey}

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. {See 4}

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

a) According to Ginger´s own words: "a time for madness and a little danger" is expected. Yups, that´s her, my adorable Ginger friend. :D Watch out for her work at the best cardmaking mags out there.

b) Oh, talking about adorable ... wanna see the best smile in town? Click here to see little N´s smile soon to be followed by Mr. Peanut´s one. Their mom, Marja, is a multitalented crafter: she´s a scrapper, knitter, mini maker. Plus she doesn´t mince her words and tells you life as it is.

c) I can´t remember how I met Leah but I can tell you that day the Universe was smiling. :) She opened the door to a world of discovery and personal development. It was thanks t her that I met some other amazing human beings all over the planet. One day I´ll buy one of her paintings. That´s a plan. :D

d) How can somebody so far away be a good influence on my life? Love the net! Thru it I met Kelly , a procastinator who learnt to make her "to do" lists shorter by ... DOING! Inspiring. And moved me to read books like "Eat, love, pray" and "New Earth" and visit "Pueblo Encanto" because of her post about malas. Thanks Kelly!

e) Up the endless stairs shouted my name from the screen. No, I never had the chance to buy it, it found it´s home somewhere else but still ... love it dearly. See more of Karen´s work.

f) Ching-a-ling Fun, talented, sweet, great organizer, uber technique teacher, perfect hand holder when you are a newbie, Disney fan.

h) Zee is one of the greatest photographers you´ll find on the net. Her baby pícs are soooooo sweet. Have a looksie!

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated {Going over}


Leah said...

thank you, thank you paula!! what a sweet treat!!!

Helena said...

Yep Tracey's blog is quite the inpiration!!!!

Love how you have done Sue's card!


Rita said...

Congrats on your award -- and I love your card! I will be sure to check out these blogs when I get a minute.

The Dolphin Inn said...

Thanks for playing along Paula, I love your version of Sues card, have a great weekend XXX

Unknown said...

hola amiga!! I'm finall back from the dead and am doing a whole marathon blog catchup tonight!! Thank you so much for the honor! I will for sure be playing along. Glad to have found you too in blogland.

Anonymous said...

Aw, neat! Your words have just made my WHOLE day. :) Maybe one day we will meet in person. You never know! I have already met a few bloggers face to face.


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