Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bigger, smaller and scraps

That sounds like a 50s Italian movie. :D
Or a spaghetti western. :)

I chose some 40 odd pictures to print. I usually ask for them in 10x15 cm (6"x4") This time I ordered some in a bigger size than usual (13x18cm), some in a smaller size (9x13 cm).

Now that I write it I notice the ratio relationship, but I didn´t when I ordered them. That explains the following, lol!

I wanted to make a page based on my mosaic, that was the reason behind the different sizes. When I shuffled the actual pics the three patio smaller ones didn´t fit Frida´s bigger one --> I chose only two and left the other one for a "Home" album page. Just imagine the colours a bit more vibrant than on the screen. Wish you could see it irl. :) Ds is going to write on the journaling blob.

Scraps from the first Frida´s page were used for this one too. The heart is covered in red glittery stuff.


Nancy said...

Hello Paula, Loving your layouts.
I can not believe how big the kids are getting, they grow so fast!

Have a super week.

misteejay said...

Great LO Paula - your dog is a perfect photo subject.

Toni :o)

Rita said...

Love that layout with the big photo of Frida -- she's so pretty! What a sweet dog!


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