Saturday, October 18, 2008

On breaking paper, using scraps and the joys of embroidering flowers

Both Kirsty and Tracey have used circles cut out of patterned papers (ok, maybe over half the scrapbooking world already has but I hadn´t ;) ). Anna had been playing with buttons as circle centers. Soooo ... ->

Fancy Pants papers. Pretty buttons and dymo red tape. Did you read that? Dymo RED tape. I found it locally! Yyyyppppiiiieeeeeeee! *Big grin*

This page makes me smile. The baby in the picture has a two month baby of his own now. My uncles have dark hair and my aunts hair do is SO eighties. *giggle*

These are the papers I broke to scrap´.

Looking through my scraps to make a card I found lots of coordinating things, left overs from the past month or two.

I kept taking stuff out of the pile and finally put it all together with a picture of dh and myself in our favourite spot in the Patagonia.

Chubut is the name of the province where the Lake Futalaufquen is.

Mmmmmm, I hadn´t used my paints for a while. I want to play. :)

And this is of course where I play. :D
Beads and felt flowers.


misteejay said...

You've been having fun and it looks like you've been very busy. Great stuff Paula.

Toni :o)

jakey said...

You have been busy again! I love when you can have fun with old stuff, and make something nice :-)

Circles, circles, circles... always been mad on them. even the peeps that used to mock me are mad on them now - they're contagious!Now you've started you'll be hooked :-D
jk x


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