Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ready for a long story? :D

This layout took over three days. It went from okish, to "I hate how this looks, I´ll never be able to pull it through" to "Hey, it´s kinda cool".

It all started with the previous page . When I chose those papers I also chose another two combos, ready to look for the pics to match. I just left them together, waiting.

The following day, after finishing the previous layout, I chose the pics to be caught up with the printed pics for ds´s album. Positioned the main pic over the non flowery thing and cut it quite big to cover most of the flowery paper (the flowers were quite discreet and I was ok with them as it was an outdoors page). But I got stucked.

Fast forward to the drooling over the Cutlebug machine and a demo video by Jennifer McGuire. She used circles. Many circles (cut with her huge Coluzzle, alas I only have a tiny one), embossed circles (*siiiiiigh* that machine is cooooooool). She had used four pics that formed a big rectangle like mine. Could I add some circles? Even if they were small ones? Let´s try it. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. Hate it with a passion. It looked nowhere near hers. Darn.

This morning. Let´s take some circles away. But then ... what? There´s that space there. A chipboard journaling thingie? Maybe. Oh, I remember! Marja sent me some traslucid journaling thingies. There is this big one with 18 journaling lines and there are ... 18 persons on that picture! BINGO! As it is black I can add a black rub on at the bottom of the rectangle going over and under different circles.

Still with me? Lol! Here is the finished page:

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misteejay said...

Paula it is lovely, those circles look fab. Super LO, even if it did cause you difficulties cos the finished item was worth it.

Toni :o)


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