Monday, November 17, 2008

AEDM Day 17 / SC Day 16

AAEDM (art almost every day month, lol! just kidding. )Day 17:

another scraps layout. My godson whose name starts with M, on his third birthday (therefore the title Three)

SC Day 16
affirmation for today -"I am free to experience joy in every moment . . . no matter what is happening in my life."

I´ve been tagged by Genie Sea. And as I love multi purpose stuff here are my six random facts, related to today´s exercise. :D

Here are the rules:
Link to the person or persons who tagged you. That would be Genie Sea
Post the rules on your blog. Here they are. *grin*
Write six random things about yourself.
Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

1. I like my birth date all year round, except on my birthday. Because I´m told "HAPPY birthday" or "have a great day". How do I do that? Just as I can´t cry or laugh on command, I can´t be happy on command. I just freak and run in circles.

2. I love habits, I hate routines. Uh? You say. Aren´t habits routinary? Yes, but they are small tidbits. I do things in a certain order (verging on ocd but not really ;) ), use certain products but hate to "do" always the same. That´s why I can´t be a regular teacher even though I love to teach. I can´t stand teaching the same year after year. I´m great with the odd class here and there. A year at the most. Then I´m gone.

3. I´m the mom who sings, dances and tells odd jokes.

4. My parties are the longest in the family. People always leave late, no matter when the party starts. E.g: one year I started at 5pm I still they left at 1am.

5. Errrrmmmm, what else? I´m always being told I´m funny. Used to ask if they meant weird funny or haha funny. I don´t ask any more. I know they mean both but are too polite to say it. *grin*

6. I took the kids to the ice cream parlour as a surprise for a "more weekend fun during your week" moment after school. I had Moca & Orange. :)


Serena said...

It sounds like you definitely had a FUN day, Paula!

I enjoyed reading your facts too. You sound like a fun person to be around.

love, light and peace,

Anonymous said...

MMM, ice cream-- yours sounded yum!

deb said...

This is my second time doing AEDM ... last time was 3 years ago, and I called it Art Every Day-ish; I just couldn't get it going every day. (i totally relate to your comment about "almost every day" ...) :)

Got a kick out of your list of six.

Mousey said...

LOL its AAEDM here too!
Great layout :o)

Leah said...

i loved your list of random things! and i think it's good to be a little funny weird and ha-ha funny at the same time. :-)

Sacred Suzie said...

What an interesting combination, mocha and orange.

I'm the same way, I have some habits but routine drives me nuts too.

I think being different shows we have character.

Tracey said...

Cool layout Paula - love those funky flowers XXX


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